Our Platform

Our platform supports bulk payments and other distributions (e.g. vouchers) for NGO and commercial partners looking to:

  • Integrate across payment providers - and across countries - to seamlessly schedule, issue, and reconcile payments.

  • Secure sensitive data against both malicious attacks and accidental exposure.

  • Analyze data in real-time, with reports for all the stakeholders in your team, from program managers to funders.

  • Automate routine tasks and free up staff to focus on their other challenges.

  • Track every action taken in the system, so everything is easily auditable.

  • Launch quickly, with configuration in as little as a week.

Secure Your Data

Successful humanitarian response increasingly depends on network computing technology, creating both new opportunities and new threats.  We're urging our partners to think proactively about these issues, and making publicly available our own framework for analyzing data and payments security. Read "Securing Humanitarian Data".

See Segovia In Action

We take on deployments only when we can add substantial value for our partners. Contact us to discuss your goals and whether we can help.